Planning the new craft room


As some you know the boy and I have just bought our first house and this week we received our contract reports. We are now one step away from moving in and making the house our own. I have been thinking a lot about the craft room I shall be leaving behind, not all is lost mind as our new house has a great attic room which the boy has agreed we shall be sharing as our room to be creative in. I already know just how I want it to look and where I want to put things. 
For the craft room 1

I really want this space to be organised and have pops of colour in it. I usually go for less colour but I really want to make this room a room for colour but not too intense, hence why I think this pillow created by Lovettes.

I also wanted to make a little bit either of us to sit and read if we want to. I don't read half as much as I should do as I much more a visual person but I want to make changes. I want to be able to sit in a chair with a cup of coco at my side a great story in my hand. Even if its me writing the story. I came across the perfect chair for the reading corner on Ikea's website. I love it and can just see that cushion sitting on it nicely. I also found these wonderful wire milk crates on ETSY in a shop called Concept Furnishings. I can really see some of my favourite books being stored in them. I am a bit of a lover of wall art and love this print of different types of Wales from Arminho. I think it would fit in well with all my other artist prints I have. 

Now all this space needs is a light. I want a lamp that is more of a spot light and can be focused on one space and I found this great industrial style lamp from Lighting Majestic. It is so simple but has this great vintage style to it. Perfect for a vintage gal looking to add something new but vintage looking into the house. I love it.

I really can't wait to get this space up and running so I can take pictures and share it all with you and who knows, some of these wonderful items may feature in the pictures. I hope.

(this is a collaboration post)

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