Inspiration Thursday - Lamb Loves Fox


When I search the net trying to find inspiration, I always end up coming back to Lamb Loves Fox or also known as Lamb & Fox Photography. I just can't keep away from her amazing work.

I stumbled across the Lamb Loves Fox blog last year. I was captivated by each and every photo. Not only did it inspire my own photography but it also made me slightly broody. No babies in my life yet, one day. When I look at her photos I can sense so much love and happiness in each and every picture that I just want to dive into the photos and experience each moment with them.

Over the past year Lamb Loves Fox has become a daily read for me. I make sure everyday I have a peek to see what this little family have been up to, to seek more inspiration from the photos. I just love the depth of field, the editing and the emotion in each picture and I just hope that I can one day I can be just as amazing at taking pictures of my own little family.

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