My Nephew Callum


Today has been a wonderful day with my nephew Callum. I actually can't believe that in a months time this little man will be 7! Time goes so quickly. I remember the first time I ever looked after Callum when he was a baby and he just wouldn't stop crying and I had a mini melt down. I laugh about it now as although I do not have my own children yet, I have been lucky enough to watch my sister and my best friends child grow. I have learnt so much along the way and really hope one day I can put it all into practise with my own child.

A little about my nephew:

Callum is a cheeky little 6 year old (nearly 7). With gorgeous blue eyes and a cute button nose. He comes out with the best things like "If I was God, I'd have given ducks hands" or "I run faster than a cheetah" He is sharp and has a memory like an elephant. He has a obsession with breaking things just so he can fix them again, so buying him presents is hard work. He once asked for a electric drill for Christmas and when he was asked if he wanted a toy one he said "no a real one." The family are convinced this little man will be a handyman when he is older and we can often find things he has tried to fix in the house. He has recently grown fond of anything to do with space and wants a telescope just like his grandpa's. He is impatient and does everything at hundred miles an hour. He is really shy but when relaxed he will come out of his shell. I have been his aunt all his life and he still gets shy when he sees me.

So that's Callum and I am pretty sure he is the coolest little dude I know and in my opinion he is the best. I do see him half as much as I should so when it came to making this video I had a little cry. I feel so blessed to have this little man in my life. He is a the funniest, cheekiest little boy I know.

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

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  1. What a wonderful video Hannah, such a wonderful thing to have to look back on and what amazing pictures too. Thanks for linking up to #OurMovingPictures x