Kitchen Inspiration


As some of you are already aware if you follow me on instagram, the boy and I are buying a house. Yes we are becoming home owners! How exciting is that. Such a big step in our lives together and one that we are very excited about.

This week we finally received a letter in the post confirming our mortgage had been approved. This was the only thing that was worrying us and finally we can relax and head towards the finish line.

Since we put an offer on our house and it was accepted I have been storming Pinterest for inspiration. Living in Unicorn Cottage has been lovely but one thing we have had to compromise on is our kitchen. For three years we have been living with a kitchen that is what I call, Harry Potter's bedroom under the stairs. It is tiny but finally in our new home we have a rather large kitchen with a big utility room. Pinterest has been inspiring me on how I would one day like to do our new kitchen. At the moment it is perfectly fine but eventually would like a more country cottage style. Oh and the storage in the kitchen! Wow I have draws and cupboards!

My folks in their last two houses have always had Belfast sinks and I simply adore them, so of course I want one of those. I also would really like a big range cooker but of course these things all cost money. Over time I hope we can save enough to be able to have these things. I am sure a trip to the reclamation yard will happen and I am sure I will come across a Belfast sink that just needs some love.

I think today I would share some of my inspiration with you all from my Pinterest. I have fallen in love with them and can't wait to be in our new home so we can really make a place our own and this time it really will be our own.

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