I'm In The Kitchen - Easter Bunny Cupcakes


Saturday is here and after a long week I took the opportunity to do some baking. I rarely get the chance to bake as our kitchen is just too small but we have just bought a house of our own and finally after three years I shall have a big kitchen to bake in. I am so excited to share the space with you. 

My sister has recently started learning to bake and I have to say she is rather good at creating with royal icing. This week she inspired me to bake again.

I recently have been storming Pinterest again and came across this great idea of making marshmallow bunny ear chocolate cupcakes. As Easter is coming up I thought they would be fun for anyone that is having a Easter Party for their family or children or if you are doing an Easter Egg hunt, how about having them as part of a picnic.

Mine aren't perfect and I would have liked to have done all the ears white and maybe added some pink to them to make them look more like ears but for a first attempt they don't seem too bad really. 


250g flour
250g Caster Sugar
250g Butter (I use Stork butter)
4 medium eggs
1tsp of milk
Coco powder for the cake mix (I am naughty and use Cadbury's coco powder which maybe a little too sweet for some people)

I choose to make chocolate icing as well, which I know for some maybe over the top but I do love chocolate icing and as its an Easter treat I thought why not.

They really are simple to make and even the children can help out. Maybe try some different toppings to make them look more like bunnies, or maybe add some little faces as well.

Happy Baking!

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