Feature walls


Creating feature walls in my home is something I really enjoy doing. A lot of the walls in our home have some sort of feature that over the years has grown and grown. The wall in our living room is the biggest feature wall in the house and continues to grow. Constantly finding new bits, I have filled all the gaps with pictures, home made embroidery quotes and memories. 

Two Christmas's ago the boy bought me my wonderful stag head which I named Drew and after the wedding I decided to add Lee's bow tie to smarten him up. Doesn't he look handsome. I found the old boat wooden letters in a shop in London, the mini cricket bat was another great find at a vintage fair and all the other bits and pieces I have found over the years or have been given. 

Slow but surely my vintage stamp tray is filling up with cute miniatures and even a few little memories. Maybe you will even see the little plug fuse that Lee decided should be a part of the display. (This is something he did with my Mothers stamp tray but she was given a 20 pence piece)

Although we are due to move in our very own home soon I a reluctant to start taking it all done, and have decided that the feature wall will be the last things I pack in the house. We spend most our time in our living room and I want it to feel as comfortable as possible whilst we are surrounded by boxes and mess. I just can't wait to move into our house so I can start all these new feature walls and really bring our home to life.

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  1. So cute! I love the star garland hanging across your shelves. :)

    1. Oh my why have I not replied till now!!! Thank you sweetie x