East Egg Hunt In The Woods


Recently I got to help my best friend Keri-Anne with another amazing shoot, this time it was for Laura Ashley. A Easter Egg Hunt! We found the most perfect spot on a hill, I say we, I mean Keri-Anne found the most amazing spot. She knows that wood like the back of her hand. We hung up bunting, pom poms and stuck these wonderful little rabbit signs in the ground to direct the girls where to go and then hid the chocolate eggs all over for them to find. It is always a pleasure being able to  help Keri-Anne with her work and it makes me proud that I was a part of it some how, even if  it was just hanging up bunting or being cheeky and taking my own photos.

I have recently as some of you know already, been trying out a lot more video and these moments are always perfect for capturing on video. Of course I took this opportunity to capture these memories on film and have been dying to share it with you all. Filming has become a passion of mine and I really hope this year I can learn a lot more. This weekend I have planned to take my Nephew Callum to the Abbey to feed the swans and I am going to try my hardest to capture it all on film. I want to take some video of him running through tall grasses, feeding the birds and just enjoying the moments.

I love capturing memories and so far I think I am capturing the best. Enjoy my video and check out Keri-Anne's post and enter the amazing Laura Ashley Giveaway.

Easter Egg Hunt from Hannah Stocker on Vimeo/>

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