Our Life Recently - A new year


It has been a month since I last posted and if I am honest its been a nice break. By the end of last year blogging became something I felt I  had to do. I felt like I had to blog for many reasons but those reasons weren't good enough and I decided that going into this year I would blog for me when I felt like I had something to share. I want to start blogging more but I don't want to feel the pressure. I started this blog so I could share my world with my family and friends and quickly it became an obsession and I started to hate it. Everyone likes to feel liked by others, to feel popular in some way but to let it consume you is wrong and in the grand scale of things, really its not important. I am really lucky that I have some dear friends who have helped me realise I don't need to be liked all the time, that I am just fine as I am.

I am glad that I had this break. I have started a new venture in my life and one that I am very excited about. At the start of January I opened up my new Etsy shop Under The Magic Willow. It has kept me busy since day one and although I haven't made a great amount of sales, I can really see it going some where. Most evenings are spent stitching away and coming up with new ideas. Its hard work but I am looking forward to the rest of the year and seeing where it takes me.

So other than my shop, I haven't done a great deal. January is always a quiet one really. I met some of my girls for a lunch, found some new ruins near to our home and we booked a holiday to Scotland which I am so excited about. I am in my element when in the hills and mountains and I cant wait to explore and take it all in. I plan on taking lots of photos on this trip, like normal I guess.

OH and I got my hair cut! A short bob with a fringe! Not had a hair cut like this since I was little. I LOVE IT and I saw The Hobbit - Battle of Five Armies again and loved it even more 2nd time round.

So if you have the time my lovely followers please do take a peek at my shop. Your support is really appreciated. MY SHOP.

Happy February everyone!

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  1. Your hair cut is SO lovely, Hannah!
    i'm glad to see you posting again. <3

    Whereabouts in Scotland are you headed? Looking forward to your photos already!xo

    1. Awww thanks Laura. :)Yep I shall be posting every so often when my stitching allows me. :)

      We are staying just between Glasgow and Stirling near Loch Lomond. :) x