The End Of 2014


2014 has come to a close and it has been a year full of some of the best days of my life. I got married to the love of my life, went on many adventures with my favourite people and decided on big life plans. It has had its ups and downs as most years do but we learn to move forward and embrace changes. I know I am learning a lot and trying my hardest to change my thought patten. I intend to try even harder this year to beat my demons and embrace even more adventure. To try and look on the bright side and enjoy what life has to offer.

To end the year the boy and I decided to take a 5 day break up near Chester. Spend New Years how we want to. No pressure to attend parties or stay up till mid night. Just me and my boy watching episodes of Lost eating rubbish inside a cute little hayloft cottage surrounded by countryside.

Vintage train rides, views to die for, rivers and streams. Long walks and drives around the coast. A visit to  Portmeirion a beautiful place full of pretty little coloured buildings. I felt like I was in Middle Earth in an Elvish land. North Wales you captured my heart. A place I could call home. A place I intend on visiting again.

So here's to the new year. A year of no pressure, adventures with my boy and alone. Embracing what life has to offer. I intend on joining a crafting group, starting my online shop and doing craft fairs, visiting as many places as I can and enjoying myself with friends and family. Life is a gift and I intend on indulging in it.

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  1. I don't live that far from Llangollen and spent many a day with my boy {who was o b s e s s e d with trains!} when he was younger on that train. I love hearing that people love visiting North Wales.