Starting a Tradition


December 1st is here. One of my favourite months of the year is finally on our door stop and I am so excited. A few weeks back the boy and I went and braved Swindon for some Christmas shopping and came across this really lovely fabric advent calendar from John Lewis, so we decided to buy it. It has the cutest little pockets to fill with treats or what ever you think best for you, your partner or your children.

This being our first advent together we decided to follow the crowd and what seems to be tradition now, add little activities to each little pocket. Lee came up with most of them but I lent a hand when he couldn't think of 24. Each activity is something simple and fun for us to do from going Ice Skating to watching a Christmas movie together. 

I have been recently inspired by my best friend Keri-Anne of Gingerlillytea. She has created the best advent for her little ladies and next year I am thinking I may come up with my own advent. Hers is really unique and pretty but it does seem that most ideas have already been done but I am sure I can think of something.

I love that we have started this little tradition and I can't wait to one day be able to carry on doing this with our own little family. Traditions are really important to me and I just hope I can create some for my own future family.

Happy 1st December!

Our 1st activity is perfect for today as I am off swimming and will need a treat after.

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  1. Aw this is a really lovely idea. Ben and I need to do something slightly more exciting than chocolate advent calendars next year.

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx