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After having a month of not sharing a band I have been listening to recently I am back on form and ready to share with you all the incredibly talented Beecake. A bunch of lovely Scottish chaps, Beecake bring to my music collection something different which I welcome with open arms.

Sometimes finding the words to describe a band is really hard and with Beecake I don't think words can describe truly how much I love them. Pretty recent to my music collection they have fast become one of my favourite bands and of course you can imagine my reaction when I saw the boys had released a new single. Lets just say it is all I have tweeted about since I heard and watched the video yesterday.

What I love about Beecake is they have fun. They enjoy what they do and you can tell that not one of them takes it for granted. They are very endearing gents.  When I saw the new video for Perfect Time I found myself wiggling in my seat at work and then when the boy was out the house I even tried my hand at learning the dance and I have to say I think I have picked it up well considering I have two left feet and as I get told a lot, can't dance to save my life. Maybe I should record it and send it to the boys. That would give them a laugh. 

Perfect Time is for me a piece of musical art. Its everything I want in a song. Catchy, memorable and full of meaning. The lyrics tell a story and that's something I love about this song. Not only that but who doesn't want to be able to go back in time. I mean I would if it meant I picked a different doughnut at work the other day. Billy Boyd and the guys have released for me a real hit and one that I will never get bored of. A song that will be played endlessly. Its a classic.

If you haven't heard of Beecake go go go. Listen. Open your ears and let these cheeky chaps grace your ears with their amazing talent.
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