Our Life Recently Part 12


It has been such a long time since I last did a Our Life Recently post and today felt like the best time to do it. Life really has been a whirl wind since the wedding and some days I find it hard to stay up later than 9pm, no matter how hard I try.

So the past months have been jam packed. With Halloween, birthdays, a trip to London and more. I shall keep it sweet.

- I have started to learn to use a sewing machine
- The boy turned 30
- My Dad turned 60
- I ended up taking my nephew to A&E
- My nephew and I carved pumpkins with the Pink girls
- I took Lee to see the comedian David Gorman for his Birthday
- We stayed in a London apartment
- Got our first tax in London
- Decorated our house for Halloween (only very simply)
- I made my first ever big cake for my Dad's Birthday
- We celebrated Dad's 60th with a family meal
- I have slowly started adding stuff to my Etsy shop.
- I sold my first embroidery this month
- We celebrated my cousin Daniel's 30th

and the list goes on. It really has been a busy time and it is only going to get more busy as Christmas is on the door step but I shall embrace it and enjoy every memory.

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