Music on sweet sweet music


I have always been a huge music fan as you can proberly tell by my new feature My Love Of Music. Having been singing since I was about 12 my love for music has really pretty much grown since then. Althought I didn't sing in front of my family till I was in College.

As a child I grew up listening to Phil Colins, Pink Floyd, Tracey Chapman, Mike & The Mechanics and even Pavarotti. I can remember me and my sister having many nights having races up and down the living room to Pavarotti with our beloved dog Bella nipping at her heels as we ran. Music holds so many memories for me but for me musicals effected me more than anything. I think the first musical I remember has to be Oliver. I received it on tape as a gift and everyday after school I would come home and watch it, much to my mothers announce. I loved it but my most favourite musicals have to be Carousel, Les Miserables, Moulin Rouge and Jesus Christ Super Star. I could watch and listen to these over and over and in fact Jesus Christ Superstar is a everyday listen for me, being played at least once whilst I am at work.

My Dad and I a few months back created our own playlists on Spotify for each other, sharing our most favourite songs with each other and anything we think each other would like. I love doing this with Dad and it really makes our bond stronger. Not just my Dad but I have a playlist with my bestie Keri-Anne and now my sister has set up Spotify I think I may even have to start one with her as well so we can share songs we remember as children. We even used spotify for our wedding ceremony and wedding reception. We created playlists especially through out the year of our engagement adding songs we loved gradually. It was perfect.

Spotify really is a great website for music and you can literally find anything on there. I actually pay £9.99 a month which gives me the option of listening to my playlists offline and also allows me to listen to each song as many times as I want, oh and blocks those pesky adverts. I would highly recommend any music lover to get it and pay monthly for it. Having Spotify has egnighted my love and passion for music and I can't wait to make more playlists.

I thought I would share the playlist my Dad created for me.

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