For My Love Of Music - Will Clapson of Jack In Water


Photo taken by Luke Hayden

Sometimes you just hear a singers voice and your heart melts. Thats exsactly how I felt when I heard the lovely Will Clapson singing. A voice that leaves you speechless. A voice that makes you wanting more and more. For me this is the epitome of perfection.

I was very lucky to have the lovely Will film our wedding in September (yes he is a man of many talents). I had been listening to his music for a few weeks but when I heard his song Made of Ghosts that him and his band recorded at the amazing Abbey Road Studios I don't think I had truly really heard Will. What seems to start with like such a beautifuly sweet song, suddenly leaves you feeling over whelmed and emotional. Like your heart and soul have been locked away for so long until that very moment the chorus comes in. You feel your chest raise as you hold your breath and in moments the goosebumps appear as the orchestra builds up in to an explosion of noise. Then you feel your lungs let out a great big WOW. This for me brought tears to my eyes. 

Please do take a listen to Made of Ghosts here and feel the emotion I felt when I first heard it. How I feel every time I hear it.

I truly mean this when I say it but Will you are amazing and I am so honoured to be able to share with my followers your music. This song will forever be in my top favourite songs and I can't wait to one day see you play live.

If you would like to hear more of this talented souls music please head over to Jack In Water.

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