A wedding gift from a dear friend


Today we received the loveliest wedding gift from a very lovely friend of mine and one of my most favourite illustrators, Sophie Jamieson.

I first came across Sophie on Instagram and I fell in love with her work right from the start. I love the innocents she portrays in her drawings. She captures darkness, naivety and adventure in the most child like way. Like she has stepped in to a child's dream, bringing it to reality on paper.

When Sophie emailed me and said she wanted to send me a copy of her first ever calender my heart skipped! I was so excited as I have always wanted to own a piece of her work and now we do. Although this is a calender there is no way I will ever use it. It is far too beautiful, so I have decided it needs to be framed and put up in our home. I am thinking it should go on the wall in the kitchen!

Thank you so much Sophie for being such a sweet sweet lady. We are truly grateful for your kindness and I can't wait to send you a surprise of my own in the post! 

Please do take a peek at Sophie's beautiful work here: http://www.sophieillustrates.com/

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  1. Love this little display. Your washi tapes look so good stored in the shelf!