So Hurry And Make A Mark - A little video


When I was about 20 I used to always make little videos, little videos that I would create on movie maker. They would be of me walking in a forest or at the fun fair, but for a long time I haven't really created any videos but this weekend I remembered why I loved filming so much.

For the first time I used my SLR camera to create video clips of my adventure in the heather with my girls. As my lenses only manually focus I had to try and focus each shoot properly which was really hard. Its easy when its a still photo but when you are capturing a movement its harder to focus at the right moments but I think I didn't do to badly for my first attempt. I mean the quality isn't great and the shaking of the camera makes me feel sick but I think I did pretty good.

I really hope you enjoy the video as I think now I have got my taste for it back I shall try and do many more and I really hope I improve. Maybe next time I shall use my tripod. I do know that I want to film as many moments as I can especially of family moments with my sister and the kids. I don't want to miss a thing.

Here is an old video made 7 years ago. As you can see me and Keri-Anne have been friends for a very long time, since we were 14 in fact. Now 29 years old I know our friendship will never end.

You Baby Me Mummy

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  1. Great video the girls lot hey enjoyed themselves Nd the heather fields are breathtaking in their simplicity but beauty

  2. What gorgeous countryside and a beautiful video, thanks for linking up with Moving Pictures xx

  3. So Beautiful. I absolutely loved this xxx

  4. Such a gorgeous video. Thanks so much for sharing with #OurMovingPictures xx

  5. Beautiful! You did such a good job of keeping focus it's really hard isn't it! Thanks for linking up to #OurMovingPictures xx