Halloween= Pumpkins


Halloween is nearly on our door step and I am so excited. I love this time of year and I have to say I do long for the autumn every year. I love that feeling of coming in from the cold and the warmth of the house smacks you in the face. The smell of chimneys burning, crunching leaves under my boots and acorns! 

This weekend the boy took a drive to buy some Halloween sweets and pick up some fake cobwebs and spooky spiders to put in the Halloween sweet bowl. We then visited our local farm shop to buy pumpkins. This has become a little tradition of ours and its one I love and hope we can carry on when we have children. 

Usually we carve all the pumpkins but this year I think we shall just do the one and then I may look at other creative ways to decorate the others. On Saturday I am off to Keri-Anne's with my nephew to carve pumpkins and do sparklers with the her and the girls and I am really looking forward to it. Halloween and Bonfire night in one afternoon.

Every Halloween our home in inundated with trick or treaters and I love it. The other day a boy walked past out house and said "that's the good house for trick or treaters" it made me smile as I like to think I am down with the kids. So bring on the trick or treaters this year I have plenty of sweets and cant wait to see all their costumes, especially the little ones.

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. You take gorgeous photos, these are amazing! Love the last two!!

    1. THank you so much. That means so much x