For My Love Of Music - Austin Basham


Photography by Alexandra Cameron

So I decided to start a new feature go back to my blogging roots and do a weekly post sharing a band or singer I have come across that I adore. Music is a really important part of my life and most days everyday I am listening to music. I am continuously searching for new music and I thought don't be greedy Hannah, share them with the world.

Ok so lets get the ball rolling. Today and the first of this new feature is the lovely Austin Basham from Kingswood, Texas. I actually first heard of Austin when he came to the UK and I started seeing pictures of him pop up on my Facebook feed. Me being the nosey girl that I am decided to look into this intriguing young man and I am really glad I did. Not only does he cover Flume by Bon Iver beautifully and in fact I think better but his voice leaves me with goosebumps and I like music that gives me goosebumps. His folky voice leaves me feeling like I should be sitting amongst tall grasses watching the sun go down.

Please do take a listen to Austin and love his music as much as I am. A warm soul that really shows when he opens his mouth to sing.

Video made by Alexandra Cameron featuring Will Clapson from Jack In Water and Austin Basham.

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