Creative Moments - Felting obession


I have a little bit of an obsession with felting. Although I am not so keen on the stabbing myself part. I started felting about two years ago when my Mum gave me all her felting equipment and from that day I was hooked. Last Christmas I decorated Christmas presents with felt acorns using acorn tops and then making little balls to make the acorn. It was so effective. I also tried my hand at little felt pumpkins for autumn which went down well. 

On Pinterest recently I came across this really cute idea of using acorn tops, painting them red with white dots and then using felt to make stalks to create toad stools. I think those would look so lovely and would make a great gift.

Now these things are pretty simple to make and I really want to push myself to start trying harder things. Mixing felting with other materials. I would love to try and create little woodland animals like the above pictures. How cute would one of those be on top of a present for someone at Christmas.

I shall add these things on my list of to dos. It seems never ending. 

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  1. How cute are these!? Genuinely thought that the fox was real :0 xx

  2. I love these! I have a felted fox just like the one above, made for me by a friend I've since lost contact with. You are such a multi-talented gal and I'm sure yours will be amazing! xoxo