A day I wont ever forget


This weekend I spent the day with my lovely nephew Callum and the Pink family. We had planned a day of photos, pumpkin carving and sparklers in the woods. Turns out those plans were not in the stars... 5 minutes into being in the woods my nephew decided to run down a rather steep hill and his little legs couldn't keep up with him and he ended up falling head first into the ground. 

My heart pounded with fear. I saw his little face look up at me and I picked him up to console him. To my complete and utter shock I saw that his nose was pouring with blood. I went into a panic. So many thoughts went through my head and I just wanted to cry. I was so lucky to have Keri-Anne's husband Gilles there as he came to the rescue. Calming me down and stopping the nose bleed. He was a hero and once the bleeding had stopped I dashed him to A&E to get him checked out and good news he was of course perfectly fine and Auntie Hannah was worrying for no reason.

I don't think you can ever be prepared for a child or even someone you love hurting themselves. So many thoughts rush through your mind and seeing him in pain like that hurt my heart so much that when I went to sleep that night I closed my eyes and saw him falling. I cried. I couldn't do anything to stop it or stop the pain he felt at that moment. I think when you react this way to shock it shows how much you truly care and how much you love someone and my nephew is a brave boy and I love him more than I realised. At that moment I realised he is one of the most important people in my life.

The day wasn't all upset though because as soon as we had the all clear in A&E he wanted to go straight back to Keri-Anne's and carve his pumpkin, so we did and it turned out to be a really lovely day carving pumpkins, eating hot dogs and doing sparklers.

I won't forget the feelings I felt Saturday for as long as I live.

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  1. Oh, the poor thing, and poor you for the panic! I think when it's not your child, though you love them so much it's almost worse, as you feel out of control as to what to do, too! I'm like that with my nephews. Sounds like it was OK, though, and all fun in the end x