Be Back Soon- This married lady is off on a honeymoon with her Mr!


So we are finally Mr & Mrs! The wedding was more than we could have dreamt of and the love we have received from friends, family and social media has been crazy! We are truly grateful for all the love we have received. I can't wait to tell you all about the big day!

My blog shall be vacant for a little while while the boy and I jet set off on our honeymoon. I'm so excited to get some real time with him before coming back to reality and beginning the process of changing my name everywhere! Please don't go anywhere I will be back with tales of the wedding, photos and updates on all our goings on soon enough but for now here are some phone photos from the wedding and the above drawing was done for us by a lovely friend on IG. So unexpected and such a wonderful surprise.

Enjoy the photos and see you all when we return! 

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  1. How pretty!!!!!!! Your dress is so sweet and the pink bow really pulls it together. Your hair is pretty too, very nice! The decorations are nice with the wood and brick too and I really like the vintage suitcases and the loft! Also, it's so cool that he wore a bowtie, I really like them but my beau is not really into them so he'll probably wear a tie when we get married some day! That photo of you two with the bright spot of light in the photo is beautiful! And the one right next to it, I'll be patiently waiting for more photos and to hear all about it! Enjoy your honeymoon!!! :) Oh and I forgot, that is a pretty cool illustration at the top!

  2. So much love to you both! Happy honeymoon...and beyond!

  3. Beautiful, go enjoy that honeymoon! ;)