A Special Place - Photo overload


Its Saturday's like these that make life so blooming wonderful. Before the wedding, Keri-Anne asked me if I would like to visit her and the girls special place just outside Kings Lynn and of course I said yes. So we set off at 9am and headed up North. The drive was spent catching up and singing songs from Frozen with the girls. As we turned the corner we could see in the distance a field full of dark purple and we knew we had arrived.

Down a short forest path and into the open we were surrounded by end of season purple heather and wow what a view it was. I can now see why this is the girls special place. It was truly a sight to see.
I did a little filming whilst Keri-Anne took some photos of the girls (film will be editing as soon as I can). I then did some photos myself. The girls climbed trees, planted imaginary trees, running amongst the heather and as the trip was drawing to a close over in the horizon we saw the wild ponies.  So we headed over to say hello.

A truly special day that has inspired me all over again. I am so happy with the photos I took and can't wait to get some of them printed.

Happy Sunday everyone.

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  1. Such beautiful little people and gorgeous surroundings. Love the shot of the feet up in the field!

    1. It really was amazing Sarah. That shot was taken after I filed Keri-Anne spinning in the field and she fell over. haha