There In Spirit Part 8 - A holiday of memories


All photos taken by Keri-Anne of Gingerlillytea

Its been a long time since I did a There In Spirit post and today's post is extra special as three of my favourite girls are on holiday in Wells, Norfolk. Wells is Keri-Anne's (Gingerlillytea) favourite place, sandy beaches, Sea Lavender, pebble dashed houses and views to die for. No wonder she loves it so much and today her and the girls have been enjoying taking in the fresh air and embracing their time there.

I have been to Norfolk a few times and my Nan used to live up there and you know as soon as you are there when you see the pebbles on the outside of the houses. It truly is a wonderful place and next year I hope to take a trip up there with them all and have a little holiday with them.

I love being able to be apart of their adventures even when I am not there in person just being able to see there memories in photos is perfect.

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  1. It looks like they are having a wonderful time enjoying all that Norfolk has to offer in wide open spaces.

    1. They are. So wonderful to see. I just wish I was there.