13 to 80. A day to celebrate.


Family. I would be lost without them. Days like today I just keep on smiling and today was a big day as we celebrated my Nan's 80th Birthday. Not only that but my beautiful niece turned 13! My goodness where does the time go.

We all gathered around my Auntie and Uncles lovely home to celebrate, sharing memories, eating good food and just enjoying each others company. My Nan did a great speech about how much she loved us and couldn't have done things with out us. Was so wonderful. The kids played with water guns outside and even helped my aunt and uncle with picking up the cooking apples that had fallen from the tree up.

My Nan is actually a great women. Having lost her husband, my Grandpa, a long time ago now my Nan has really embraced life. Going on many adventures and making many memories. She has embraced life and really lived it. An inspiration really.

My Niece, a beautiful, strong, moody and funny young lady who I know will be OK in life. She has a good head on her shoulders and takes rubbish from no one. I am so proud of who she is and love her dearly.

Today really has been a wonderful day and although the weather was awful then sun did come out for a little while and we managed to step out into the garden for a little bit to enjoy the garden. A truly wonderful day.

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  1. Happy birthday to your Nan and your niece.they're both beautiful ! Pretty photos as well !

  2. Lovely post Hannah, great phoTos of a lovely

    1. I can tell you used your iPad to write this haha. Thanks Mum xx