What To Include In A Childs Activity Pack At A Wedding


The wedding is fast upon us and with only 6 weeks to go things are full steam ahead in our house hold and something I have been planning to do from the start of this adventure is put together a children's wedding activity pack. We only have one child coming and that is my nephew Callum.

I have so far got him some twig looking colouring pencils and this great body shaped puzzle a little bit like the board game operation but I wanted to find some other bits and pieces to keep amused and not just the bouncy castle we are having.

Here are a few bits I intend on getting for him:

Disposable Camera - I think a disposable camera would be great fun for him. To see photos through his eyes would be wonderful then once developed we could sit with him and put them into a little album to keep in the memory box for when he visits.

Bubbles - You can't go wrong with bubbles especially the ones you can hold. Hours of fun.

Sweets - As we wont be having a sweet trolley like my sister requested I thought popping a bag of sweets in his pack would keep him happy as well.

Colouring book - To go with his twig pencils I thought a great colouring book would be perfect for him to play around with. I especially love this cute one I found in an old post on this blog called Lovely Indeed and its a free printable download: Free Download

 I was really keen on the idea of finding a old small suitcase for his goodies to go inside with his name tag on but I came across this great wooden suitcase on ebay and thought I could paint the top with chalkboard paint and then he could also use it to doodle on. What do you think?

I am so excited about putting this pack together for him and can't wait for him to feel super special when he sits at his seat, not only that but it keeps him out of his Mummy and Daddy's hair. I shall share the end result as soon as its done.

Happy Monday.

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