I'm In The Kitchen- Taking a risk - Cupcakes and Birthdays


I think I have a thing for baking cupcakes OR maybe its the fact I have never ever tried to bake anything else. I don't have too much confidence in the kitchen but I like to think I take after my aunt when it comes to baking. I usually stick to plan vanilla sponge but tonight I decided to try something different.

Tomorrow one of my best friends Steffan is celebrating his 30th with a big party, now of course I said straight away I would make some decoration but then I decided I wanted to baking some cupcakes for him although I have only made 30 so its a first come first serve. Instead of doing my usually vanilla sponge I decided to do chocolate. I chucked in some Cadbury hot chocolate. I know it sounds silly but as someone who hasn't been baking for long making these had me on edge... the results, well according to Lee they are yummy. So I topped them with vanilla icing (supposed to be purple but my pink and blue food colouring didn't make purple) and some of my cute mini spotty cupcake flags. 

I am so pleased with the outcome and hope they all get eaten tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Happy Birthday Steff. x

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