Strawberry Picking Fun


Being a 'photographer' you take so many pictures daily that you completely forget that lovely sunset you captured or those wonderful family moments and it's only when you decide to go through your memory card that you remember and you think, how could I forget that happy time.

Recently I found some photos I took whilst with my sister and her family strawberry picking. This was my first time doing this with my niece and nephew and it was so exciting to see my nephews face light up when he found lots of fresh strawberries. We visited the pigs which were so cute, I wanted to take one home and call him babe and Bethany found some of the biggest strawberries I had ever seen. After we had finished we sat and the kids had ice creams and we admired our punnets of strawberries asking ourselves how will we would eat all of them...

I really love these moments with my sister and the family and cherish every second. This is really what life is about and I embrace every moment.

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  1. Beautiful photos I love how they just capture the warm sunshine.. And now I want strawberries! X

    1. Thank you Sally. Yes it was lovely and warm. The strawberries were lovely. Sadly I left mine in my folks fridge so they got to enjoy them instead x