My Wonderful Hen Party - Memories, Wild Flowers and my loves


Photos taken by my best friend Keri-Anne. See her blog here: Gingerlillytea

Sometimes you find yourself feeling completely lost and then along come along your closest friends and amazing family to shower you with so much love I feel like my heart could burst. This weekend was my hen do. My sister and mum had been planning this for some time and the only thing I knew was to turn up at my mum and dads house at 2 (although I was half hour early)

When I arrived and walked into the garden there was bunting, beautiful flowers on the garden table and the shed was covered in photos of Lee and I. It was perfect! Once everyone had arrived we all sat in the living room as it was so hot outside. Everyone took their turn in doing a show and tell were they all talked about a memory they have of me. This was the moment that it really truly hit me that my choices in life were the right choices and that I have the best family and friends I could ever ask for. Each and every person made me feel so special.

Next we all put on our handmade name badges that my mum and sister had made us and we all took a walk down to the pocket park to pick wild flowers. This was so much fun and all the ladies ran round trying to find the best flowers for their bunch. Once we all got back to the house we dived into my mothers craft trolley and picked out the best materials to decorate jars for our flowers. 

The day was so perfect. Full of love, laughter and such wonderful memories. I could no have asked for a better hen do. It was just what I wanted and I can not thank my Mum and Sister enough for all their hard work with organising it. I will never be able to thank them and everyone who attended enough for making me feel so special.

Next stop the wedding!!!!

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  1. These photo's are gorgeous! I'm so glad the sun shined for you! Stephie from Tea in Your Twenties x

    1. Aren't they wonderful. I love them. It shined all day long. Xxxx

  2. How nice for you! :) Picking wildflowers is so fun, sounds like you had a good time :)

  3. Oh that looks lovely! great photos!