My Must Haves This Summer


My Must Haves

VINTAGE Floral Smock Dress Pink Short Large, £23 / Flat shoes, £110 / FOSSIL leather handbag, £65 / Boohoo neon nail polish, £5.86 / Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Camera

I have been so busy the past few days trying to find a dress for my hen party this weekend and the amount of wonderful outfits I have come across has inspired me to share with you my must haves this summer for this country girl adventurer

I literally carry a hat with me in my car where ever I go. I currently have about 7 hats in the car but I wear my straw hat the most.

I live my life in dresses and have a love for smock dresses. I have a huge thing about the top half my body mainly my breasts as for me they are too big, I find smock dresses help hide that plus they are super comfy.

Nail polish. I have a draw full of the stuff but very rarely wear it. It is only since I got engaged that I finally after my whole life stopped biting my nails. I have decided this summer I would like to wear a lot more nail varnish on my hands and toes.

SANDALS!!! I live in them at the moment. The weather has been perfect for them and I am so pleased that we go on our honeymoon in September as it means I can wear them a lot longer than I usually would.

A bag just because... This one is amazing though. I do love a good satchel. 

Instant camera! I got one of these babies last year and I haven't stopped using it. This summer I intend on taking lots more and my dear Keri-Anne has agreed to use mine on our wedding day so she can capture some moments in instant format.

So thats it, my must haves this summer. 


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  1. That dress would have been perfect for your hen do! I love your picks. We are just the same :) x

    1. Why have I only just seen this comment! It didn't even come up in my list to be approved till today! That dress is on its way to me at this moment! May get you to model it for some photos :)

  2. I wear straw hats when I'm in the garden; need to this weather.
    I love the smock dress it's so pretty. I've just ordered a couple of bits from

    the stuff they used Alys Fowler to model! A bit pricey (in my eyes!) but I love the pictures for inspiration. The garden looks lush too!

    I always paint my toenails all year round, but alas, my fingernails leave a lot to be desired!

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks for sharing my dear. I shall be sure to check that site out. I used to always paint my toe nails but I forget to take it off and it stays on for weeks haha. x