Lets Have An Adventure Link Up 11 - Chasing light, rainbows, happy trees and horses.


Sometimes I think about what I would be doing if I wasn't with Lee and I wonder would I be as happy as I am now? I think its simple, I'd be a different kind of happy but I would no way be as happy as I am right now.

This week we took a drive out with the intentions of taking photos in a hay bail field but instead we fed horses, found a new favourite tree and watched the sun set. A horse decided Lee's arm would be fun to eat and I danced in a field. I found my first lens rainbow as well. 

These spontaneous moments together fill me with so much hope for our future and I am so excited. In less than two months I shall be walking down that aisle ready to start the rest of my life with the most amazing boy I could have ever met and I am truly blessed and I am ready to grab our future by the horns and go with it, where ever it takes us.

So it's that time again. Gingerlillytea and I's Let's Have An Adventure Link Up. So get posting my dears and linking. We are so excited to see what adventures you have has this month.
"let's have an adventure" is a monthly link up held on the 26th of each month. You can share old or new adventure posts with us. We would love to have you join us and help us create this wonderful community of fellow adventurer's!!!!"

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  1. looks like fun! nice lens flare! i'm joining here for the first time, i kinda happened upon this link up after random clicking around my 52 photo project link up. anyway, happy to be here as there's some inspiring storytelling happening here!

    1. Thank you newbie! Great to have you. Thank you for commenting. x

  2. That horse is beautiful!! I know what you mean about different kinds of happy! It just isn't the same without 'em :)