Our Life Recently Part 9


May was a beautiful month and every day right now I feel blessed to have the life I do and the people I share it with. 

May was spent going on little watching the flowers really come into bloom, trips to the museum with my best friend Keri-Anne, her girls and my nephew, taking photos in buttercup fields, BBQs and nice walks in the countryside and baking cupcakes. The weather has been playing with us recently but I can feel the warmer weather coming and I cant wait.

So many exciting things to do with the wedding have happened and I really feel like things are coming together for the final few months before we say our I dos. I am so excited that sometimes I feel like I could burst. I am also really proud of how well I am progressing with things. I promised myself I wouldn't stress get to me and although some days are stressful I really am learning to take a step back and breath.

June is here and who knows what adventures I shall be having but I do know that already its started off with the best people I know in it. 

Happy Monday all.

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  1. Such stunning photos, it looks like you had a lovely May :)

    1. Thank you so much Sarah. I hope you are well. xx