Oh my I want


Goodnes life has been crazy recently and I have barely had chance to breath but I have been in between things searching the net for great companies to share on the blog.

I love washi tape and have a little obession with it. I have filled a large jar of the stuff and just cant get enough. I recently came across these lovely animal washi tape and this real cute wood washi tape organiser.

The boy and I have been thinking of ways to utilies the space in our home. We live in a chocolate box cottage and space is a big issue for us. I recently have been search the internet for good ways of storing our things and found this great shelfing unit to store all my make up, nail varnish and jewelary. I would love this for our bathroom.

We have decided to stay in this house a little longer and thought we would try and decorate a little. I really want our bedroom to be nutural with the odd splash of colour. I really am liking the white bed set and bold pillows. Something like this

Our garden is my pride and joy and I have worked so hard to create a beautiful cottage garden. Although there is a lot to do the main part has finally bloomed lovely, my pot plants are really nice, we have sola powered twinkle lights and I am thinking I may buy some more outside lighting so we can have dinner out there of an evening. I really like the idea of having one of this mason jar light strand.

I hope you like the things I have shared today. I shall be saving for he mason jar lights thats for sure.

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