Wedding hair ideas - Messy up dos


I have just under 3 months till our big day and so far everything is coming together nicely. I am ahead of schedule and its rare that I will ever feel proud of myself but when it comes to the wedding I am. I am really proved to myself that I can take on such a huge task and not stress myself out over it. I have been realistic and calm. I haven't put pressure on myself and have made lists everyday to ensure I am on top of it all. 

Now the only thing that is worrying me is my hair. Those who know me personally know that my hair is super soft and thin, my dear friend Ollie used to call me Cotton Bud my hair was that soft. I have found many hair styles I love and as I tend to wear my hair down, I really wanted to find a up do that was rustic, hippy and far from neat. As my hair is so soft and thin, I have been advised to purchase some Kevin Murphy Powder Puff to sprinkle on the roots of my hair. I have seen this product in action and it works wonders. So I shall be purchasing this in the next few days to test out on my hair. 

I really like the idea of having a messy up do with a few plaits and I think the best thing for me in order to get the lift I need, is to curl my hair slightly and use the powder puff. I have also decided after spending hours searching for a dried flower hair slide and finding that they were rather expensive that I would make my own and I shall be sharing my creation with you all as soon as its made. 

I am so excited and a littler nervous but over the next three months I shall be practicing my hair do and hopefully it will all fall into place.

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  1. My hair has always been super thin too. And oily. Which is disappointing because I've always liked the loose, messy up dos best too, they're so beautiful. Hopefully you can get that lift in your hair, I can't wait to see :) It's great that you've been able to keep calm while planning everything, it's rare to hear of a bride-to-be keeping her cool so I'd say that's a great thing to be proud of!

    1. Me and my friend Aimee sat down and did my hair how I want it a few weeks back and alls he did was back comb it and hair spray it and it was perfect. I cant wait for you to see what it looks like on the day. I have decided to have my hair down with to french plaits and a flower crown :) x

  2. Sounds beautiful! I will have to try back combing and hair spray one of these days. Flower crowns are so like a fairy/elven princess, so dreamy :)