Our Life Recently Part 8


This month has been yet again another whirlwind and I really don't know where all our days go. We have had Easter, our Engagement Shoot, Vintage fairs and lots of adventures amongst mother nature.

This month I also started my Cognitive Therapy for my anxiety and although I am finding it really difficult due to it being online sessions it is helping me in some ways and it is only the beginning after all.

Easter came as quickly as it went and we have a wonderful day with my family painting eggs and having an Easter Egg Hunt. My folks and I also went and spent some pennies at a huge vintage and antique fair.

We had our engagement shoot this week which you can see the photos of by clicking here

Another wonderful moment was being in the room when my niece Elle lost her first tooth. It had been loose for a little while and just 5 mins before we were telling her it will come when its ready and what you know it was ready. With a little help from Mia hitting her in the face by mistake. Oops.

The fields and forests have really sprung to life this month and the boy and I have spent as much time as we can outside enjoying mother natures wonders. Right where we love to be.

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  1. Such beautiful pictures!

    Wishing you all the best with the therapy. Really hope it helps you in a meaningful way xo

    1. Thank you Laura! You are too lovely x