Oh my I want


I recently have been inspired to start drawing again. I really want to learn new techniques and after the wedding I am thinking of ordering some decent water colours and fine tip pens. I have always loved to draw, I like to think I get that from my Dad and recently a lovely new friend advised me which water colours and pens she uses. I really want a set of these Winsor and Newton water colours.

Fathers Day will soon be upon us Brits and I really want to get my Dad something different this year. I always seem to stick to the norm of getting him a voucher. I have been searching ETSY for some manly presents and came across this wonderful shop that sells soaps for men called The Craftsman Soap Co and I really liked the shaving soap the best. I also have been searching for the perfect Fathers Day card and this  one from Wit and Whistle has me chuckling.

I have been looking for a bag for my hand luggage for our honeymoon and I have fallen in love with the Fjallraven Kanken range of bags. I don't think I am asking for much wanting this one.

I intend on having a week of purchasing more wedding stuff. Only three months to go and still got so much more to do but we will get there.

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  1. Oh, that card is fab and that bag is gorgeous. I have zero artistic ability, yet those paints even look enticing!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my card Hannah! Great post! :)