My love of llustrations - Feature Sophie Jamieson


 As a child I always had a love for the drawings in books. I was never a big reader growing up so pictures were so important to me, a book with out picture didn't capture my imagination. It wasn't until I grew up a little that I found a love for the written word, and although I don't read a great deal I love writing but for me pictures are still very important. I have a fondness for illustrations that are whimsical but with a slight darker side to them but not scary and  recently whilst searching for artists I came across the wonderful Sophie Jamieson of Sophie Illustrates.

Using watercolour and pen, Sophie creates the most unique illustrations and as soon as I saw them I fell in love. Working from home on her little houseboat on Regent's Canal in London which she shares with her fiance, Sophie spends her time in her own world creating new worlds. Each drawing tells a different story of innocents and adolescence but with a slight darker side to them. I asked Sophie what inspires her work and she was kind enough to tell me. 

'Hmmmm. Imagination sparking. Well, I always seem to create scrappy little tomboys who fight and build and are barefoot, and children who have wild animal friends. I suppose I've always been drawn to a character who seems to be plagued by loneliness or melancholy; the child who prefers to hide away and read in a hedge-den. Trees are especially inspiring to me but I never do them justice. Old, gnarled trees that outlive everything around them, and trees that inexplicably share branches. When I'm surrounded by them, everything else ceases to exist. Artists who make a big old beautiful mess remind me to shake myself up now and then. And Guardian Spirit of the Waters by Odilon Redon, for its beauty and strangeness.'

Sophie has really inspired me and as someone who used to draw all the time, it really has inspired me to draw more and create my own worlds. I maybe asking her for tips on what watercolours and pens are best to use.

I really hope one day to see Sophie's work in her own books soon and she can be sure that I will be one of the first to purchase her books and if you love what you see here please do head over to her website and check out more. Click here.

Thank you Sophie for letting me share.

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