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Instagram really is a wonderful place for finding artists I love and I have decided I want to start a new feature where I introduce artists I love with you all and today I want to share with you the amazing Sarah Petkus of Nest and Burrow. Sarah is incredibly talent and her love for nature and animals shines in her work. A humble soul.

Sarah was kind enough to tell me a little about herself and her inspirations.

Take it away Sarah.

'A little about myself, well let's see...

At the risk of stating the obvious, I am an artist. That is how the majority of people would define me. But I am of the opinion that defining is dangerous and steals away much of the work and wonder experienced in getting to know a person, place, or object. 

But I can try to offer a little glimpse of who I am through my own words. To begin, I would say that an equally important fact to know about me, if not more so, is that I am head over heels for the animal kingdom. Obsessed, really. As a little girl, I had no plans of being a professional artist. I was going to be a zookeeper, a zoology field researcher, and the next Jane Goodall-who is, to this day, still my greatest idol. 

So I spend a great deal of my time conducting personal research and fact finding missions for each piece of art I make. I like to know a great deal about whoever I am drawing at the moment, may he be a grey wolf, or an American Kestrel. I just love getting to know the magnificent beings we share this impossibly beautiful planet with. So yes, animals are the core of my inspiration, to say the very least. I am a spiritual person, with a reverence for nature, so much of my work centers around and stems from this relationship I feel with the environment. 

I am fortunate to have had a childhood in a place that is well known for its stunning natural beauty. In the state of Colorado, I am surrounded by rugged, snow-dappled mountains, and of course, a rich diversity of amazing creatures like elk, bears, mountain goats, and mountain lions.

 Because of this love I have for animals and their disappearing homes, I feel a strong desire and an obligation to aid in efforts to save and conserve them. My hope is to work in partnership with local and international NGOs whose work goes to protecting and restoring populations of endangered species as well as peacefully working with the communities that share space with these threatened animals. I would love to use my artwork to inspire others to see animals and our wild world in a similar light. 

I am in the infant stages of planning a long term trip to South Africa-a lifelong dream- to volunteer in one of the many game reserves and of course, to continue my work and evolution as an artist. I can't tell you how thrilling this is to me!

When I'm not working on art and being a zoology hobbyist, you'll find me writing what may be a book one day, playing the piano, hiking the woods with my dog, bird watching, baking a batch of muffins, or sitting outside in quiet reverie.'

Sarah's drawings are simply wonderful and have a real ethereal quality to them and you can find her work at:
I can't wait to share more artists with you and really hope you can help me in supporting up and coming artists.

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  1. I love her work. Dear Hannah keep featuring great artists like Sarah.