Feeling blessed - Finding Fauna


I couldn't wait to share this with you so I thought what the hell, two blog posts in one day. 

No words can express how truly overwhelmed I feel right now. I returned home from work to find two packages for me and inside were 10 little boxes. 10 boxes full of such beautiful and enchanting delights that I had to have a little happy tear, I may have also done a little dance around the house.

 Recently a wonderful young lady called Chrissy sent me a message on my Instagram. The message shocked me beyond words. She told me that she wanted to provide my bridesmaids with gifts and any other people I wanted to give a present to for helping me with the wedding.

Chrissy owns a wonderful shop on Etsy called Finding Fauna and wow her creations are just beautiful. Such delicate pieces of jewelery. Each and every item I adore and knew just the right bits I wanted for my girls but of course I can't share those until after the wedding. However I thought I would share the wonderful pieces she gifted me.

Chrissy is truly a wonderful and astounding person, whos generosity has left me feeling incredibly loved and by someone I have never met before. She didn't just send me the items I asked for but more on top of that for each and every girl including myself and I couldn't be happier. She even sent my best friend Keri-Anne's little girls Elle and Mia gifts.

If you love whimsical, pretty and enchanting jewelery then head over to Finding Fauna and treat yourself or someone you love. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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