Broughton Castle - Picnic, bubbles and Disney music


Today I had visitors from back home. My best friend Keri-Anne and her lovely girls traveled the hour to spend the day with me. Not sure on what the weather would be like we braced ourselves for rain, however mother nature was in our favour today as the rain stayed away and although it was cloudy the sun did grace us with its precense a few times.

We took a drive to Broughton Castle which is one of my favourite places to go near my home. We spent a few hours sitting amongst the baby lambs embracing our surroundings. I bought the bubble machine with me and the girls played whilst we listened to Disney music and had a picnic.

A perfect day or perfect memories. I really am so blessed to have the family I have and I just know that my future is going to be full of the love I feel right now and I can't wait.

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  1. Such cuties and what gorgeous surroundings! xoxo

  2. Looks like such a fabulous day out, and a beautiful post x