Those spontaneous moments


The weather recently has really picked up and it finally feels like spring is in full bloom, although I best not speak to soon as the British weather can change in seconds. After dinner the boy and I thought instead of wasting the glorious weather in front of the TV that we would go for a walk around the village, not before mowing the lawn and cutting back some of the over growth of our garden.

We decided to take a walk to the local park and explore the surrounding countryside and came across some lovely little spots that I had no idea where there. If we wanted to I am sure we could walk across Oxfordshire through all the fields. It was so beautiful and the weather was glorious. Lee tried his hand at pooh sticks however the stream wasn't moving and I had to laugh as his stick didn't move anywhere...

I love these spontaneous moments and can't wait for more over the summer months leading up to our wedding.

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  1. Oh Hannah how wonderful this is :) I love little moments like this too with the weather warming. Enjoyed your view much darling xx