Our Life Recently Part 7 (March has been a whirlwind)


Life truly can get away with you and this past month has been such a busy one. Its been some time since I last did this feature so I thought it was about time I did. March has been full of sickness, smiles, true friendships, tears and realisations but its been worth it. Wedding stuff is in full swing and my invites are being put together all ready to send to our lovely guests.

We haven't had too many adventures really as I have been really poorly with sickness and my anxiety but this month I took that step to dealing with my anxiety and I am now starting cognitive therapy! I'm really excited and nervous but I know its for the best and it can only mean positive things.

I have spent time with my best friend Keri-Anne and her beautiful girls as you can see. Been on bike rides, been to see one of my fav singers Lissie with my cousin, been to London with my family to a home interiors event and within all that I have been sick as well. 

Sometimes life can really chuck some bad stuff your way but it can also open your eyes and cause you to make choices you never thought you would have to but all these things makes us who we are and I am whiling to embrace them from now on.

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