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Well this was a completely un expected post tonight but I just had to share with you all and to support my friend Maddy of the World Of Maddy J

When I think of Maddy I think of all this tiny and of course bunny rabbits. Maddy is one of the sweetest girls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and If it was for my best friend Keri-Anne (Gingerlillytea) I would never have been introduced to this wonderful and sweet young lady. So thanks Bestie!

Maddy is a dear dear girl who along with her mother creates the most wonderful mini creations. I have the pleasure of owning my own Maddy creation, a acorn pouch necklace full of wonderful fairy surprises. For such a young age Maddy is a true talent and I am so pleased to announce she has opened up her own Etsy shop selling unique and handmade supplies for your 'creative wanderings and play.' I am so proud of her and just had to share her news with you all. 

Please do help support Maddy and head over to her shop and see what wonders she has for sale. I know I shall be purchasing some delights very soon.


Well done Maddy, Lee and I are super proud of you.

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  1. Dearest Hannah,
    Where do I begin. I am truly so honored that you would support me in this way on your beautiful space. Thank you to the moon and back for your love and friendship always, until last year I have never expirenced such friendships as I have with you and Keri-Anne. It's an amazing thing and so magical to me that one can support another even if they are miles and miles away. So thank you from my heart to yours for being so very kind. You have made my week! I love you dearly and you have been in inspiration to me even since we met :) I still remember the very first picture I saw on your IG oh what a glorious day we met :) The stars were aligned so perfectly and I am so blessed you know you.

    Love you both,

    1. Oh M. You are such a dear. I agree. I am so lucky that Keri-Anne shared me with you. Its been an honour everyday that I have known you. I only hope that one day in the future we can all meet. Something else as well, is that no matter what age differece there is between us all we are all on the same page. Love you to the moon and back. xx