Childs toy piano - Creating memories


For some of you who follow me on instagram you would have already seen this beautiful toy piano but I wanted to share it with all of you over here as well.

This weekend gone I spent the day with my girls Keri-Anne of and Katie of We visited a vintage fashion market where both Keri-Anne and I found some lovely dresses. We then headed to the vintage shop Most Marvellous where we had our lunch in Nana's Kitchen and felt suitably full afterwards.

Whilst out and about Keri-Anne and I popped into this antique shop I had never seen before (so many places have opened since I moved out of my home town) after a few seconds I came across this simply wonderful little toy piano and although its in poor condition and has no legs I had to have it. I fell in love with it. It has been loved and what makes it even more special are the little letters written on the keys.

I have decided that I want this little piano to carry on being loved and wont be locking it away. I want it to be played with by my nieces and nephew. I want to hear the sound of it and when I have my own babe I have decided to hang it on the wall surrounded by frames in the babies room. 

I love coming across these finds and falling in love with them. Nothing beats something old. It sparks the imagination and I can't wait to create memories with this little gem.

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