Vickii Elizabeth Stocker - My cousin.


Life as of late has been crazy. I have been full of sickness and today the Dr has put me on antibiotics to shift it. Until then I have put a lot of things on hold. No wedding stuff until I am in the right frame of mind. This Sunday I have my best friends little girl Mia's birthday party. I am so pleased I have been invited to spend the day with her family and cant wait to give her her birthday present. I want to keep it for myself its that amazing.

So in order to help get my self better I have been watching lots of movies and listening to music to cheer myself up. I really wanted to share with you all my lovely cousin Vickii and her beautiful singing voice. Vickii has been singing for a little while now and every time I hear her I get goosebumps. Literally she is stunning to hear and to look at SO PLEASE PLEASE do go check her out. Vickii's voice really does inspire me and I am so lucky to have her as my cousin and her cover of Exile by Show of Hands is truly beautiful. 

 I thought this song would be perfect to link up to the wonderful Linkup on My So Called Chaos's blog. Take a peek and link up a song you are loving right now.


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  1. I couldn't get that widget to play for some reason, but I looked her up on YouTube and she's great! I love it! I hope she gets discovered, I'd listen to her for sure!

    1. Oh no really? That is annoying indeed. :( I am so pleased you liked her. I shall pass on to her your thoughts. Im so proud of her. She deserves to be discovered. x