Mia - Growing up to fast


Today was my best friend Keri-Anne's youngest daughters Birthday party. Tomorrow she turns 3 and boy is she growing fast. Every time I see her she has changed in some tiny little way and ever little inch of her I adore. Her little pout, her cheeky grin she does when she is being mischievous, her curls at the bottom of her hair, the way she follows her sisters ever move, her ability to have my in stitches when she calls Lee, Leaves? When I look at her I see her mummy in so many ways. It is like having a mini Keri-Anne running around the house and I am so proud to be called Auntie Hannah by her. My heart skips when she sees me coming towards her in the street and all I hear is "HANNAH HANNAH HANNAH" I melt a little each time.

Today we celebrated her turning 3 tomorrow by having a small little get together at Keri-Anne's. We watched Frozen twice, listened to music, made cupcakes and watched as the girls all pretended they were characters from Frozen. It has been a lovely day.

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  1. Happy birthday Mia growing up so fast before you know it she will be a teenager. Enjoy it whilst you can Kerri Ann