Creative Moments - Handmade wedding confetti bags.


The past 4 days I have been poorly and haven't really been up to being on my laptop and although I am still feeling poorly and have this constant feeling of being sick I really wanted to share with you my simple confetti bags I have made for our wedding.

My original plan of creating confetti out of dried leaves didn't work as well as I hoped so I decided to make things easy on myself and create these.

I only wanted to create a few of the bags as our main confetti are bubbles but I thought pictures would look great with a combination of bio degradable tissue paper sprinkles and some pretty bubbles.

Being the silly blonde I am I ordered completely the wrong size bags but I used these as I feel it will make it easier for our guests to throw the confetti. I used burgundy, peach and pink tissue paper and even added a little big of glitter so when the light catches it, it will sparkle! I came across these wonderful simple heart shaped stickers which I thought would seal the bags up nicely, added doilies to the bottoms and then stamped a H and L as a little extra touch. Simple and easy and CHEAP! My main aim was not to spend a fortune on confetti as from experience of weddings I have attended a lot of people bring there own.

So there you have my sweet, simple and elegant confetti bags. I cant wait to be covered in this.

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  1. They look adorable! I would love to see photos of what's inside. :)

    1. Awww thanks my dear. It's only tissue paper shreds and glitter inside :). Glad you like x