Vintage Wants Not Needs


Today I thought I would talk to you about my Mother. I am very much like my mum in many ways and we I get my love of anything vintage from here. Some thing I am glad she passed on to me. She is always coming across great finds and really has made a name for herself in the vintage world. Recently she came across these wonderful shoe mouldings whilst we were in London buying the lace for my wedding dress. Both her and I have a keen eye and sometimes I will spot things before she does which I like to think I learnt from here as well. She also found this wonderful vintage spindle which I find so charming.

Recently my Mum discussed her ETSY shop with me and how she could give it a fresh makeover and whilst she currently doesn't have a banner I am in the process of trying my hardest to make her one. Over the past month or so her viewings had gone down which has left Mum feeling like she doesn't know if she should carry on selling and I told her not to give up. In order to help her I wanted to share her shop with you all. So if you love vintage head over to Vintage Wants Not Needs. Click here.

Mum has worked so hard over the years and becoming an established seller online and at vintage fairs that I would hate to see her give up now. So please for all of you that share a passion in some way head over to mums shop and take a peek.


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  1. You two are the cutest :) I'm very much the same with my mama, love that you are such grand friends xx

    1. Oh M I do love you. Your parcel is being sent tomorrow. EEK! x

  2. I like your mum too!
    Fave blog post? The bee up the trousers one!!
    Will follow you, if that's OK?
    Z xx

    1. Hi lovely Zoe,

      Yes I think the Bee up the trousers is a very typical Mum situation. She is funny. Also her visit to my house when we first moved in. She was so happy! Yeah follow me away my dear. Welcome to the family :) I have followed you on bloglovin as well. :) xxx