Our Life Recently Part 6


Life has been so hectic recently and I have been poorly but I am loving it. Planning a wedding, working full time and being the best I can be is hard work and at times I want to scream but I am so lucky to have my boy who supports me through it all.

A few weekends ago myself,  Mum, my sister and my friend Emma (she is making my wedding dress) went down to London to find the lace for my dress. I was so excited and the first shop we came to we found the perfect lace I could have ever dreamt of. Handmade in France it is perfect. I can't wait to have the dress made and finally see what it looks like on.

Last Thursday the boy and I decided to go bowling and recently we have been naughty and eaten out a lot, but hey you only live once right?

This weekend just gone I visited my friend Katie who I mentioned in my last post, you can read that here. Katie helped me make some wonderful deer shaped stickers and a CARDS banner for our wedding. They look so wonderful and I cant wait to share them with you all.

The past few Sundays the boy and I have been spending a few hours out and about and have had the best times. This weekend we visited a wonderful antique shop in Chipping Norton where we came across some wonderful things. The we headed home for a afternoon of Prison Break. We have also made it a everyday Sunday occasion to try and have a roast dinner. Growing up we were always used to having a Sunday roast so its nice for us to make the effort to cook up something decent.

Even though life has been running around all over the place, I really wouldn't change it. 

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