My Friend Katie - Atomic Doris


Sometimes I am so blessed to know the people I do and even more so to call them my friends. This weekend I visited my friend Katie and what a lovely day it was. Katie is an incredible artist, specialising in amazing lampshades and typography. Someone who really does inspire my creative side. 

Recently Katie and I discussed my wedding and she jumped a the chance at using her amazing talents to help me create some wonderful deer stickers and a 'cards' banner for a vintage suitcase I am using at the wedding for people to pop our wedding cards in. 

Having never seen Katie in her creative space before I had to use this opportunity to take some snaps of her in action and also to show off parts of her studio. It was really lovely to see where all her ideas start and it was also inspiration for my own studio back home. 

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend who not only wants to help me but has given me some great ideas. Its wonderful having another person to bounce ideas of off and between her, Keri-Anne, Aimee and my family I have ideas pinging around my brain all over the place and having created these wonderful things together it has really got me even more excited for the big day.

Check out my lovely Katie's shop and fall in love with her creations like I have. I can't wait to one day own my own lampshade from Atomic Doris. Click here: Atomic Doris Shop. I shall hopefully be sharing more of Katie's work on the blog very soon so keep your eyes open.

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  1. Amazing art in work pictures!