Creative Moments- Washi Tape Drink Stirrers


I have recently had a burst of washi tape inspiration and have been busy creating some wonderful things. I have created some washi tape covered pegs and this week I created these wonderful drink stirrers for the bar at our wedding venue. 

I found the idea whilst having my daily Pinterest fix and I came across this wonderful idea. I just had to try my hand at them. Such a simple idea that takes only a few minutes to create. Made of kebab sticks, washi tape, glue and glitter. They would look great as cake toppers as well. So many fun ways to use them and I am so excited to use them at the wedding. On the bar with some funky paper straws and a few party poppers they will make all the ladies drinks look pretty and girlie.

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  1. These are so lovely! Pink and gold is one of my fav color combos ever. <3 xoxo

    1. Oh bless you Sarah. I am pleased you like them. Some of the colours of our wedding are peach and gold so I just had to use my peach washi tape for these. xxx

  2. They are so magical Hannah :) I love them in the light and their sparkles. Lovely xx